Club History

Bray Emmets' club history can be traced back to 11th December 1886 when the club's first Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place. We can take it therefore that the club came into existence in late 1885 or early 1886. The first recorded Bray Emmets team played Dalkey in a field at the Vevay in 1885. Bray made their first championship appearance at Courtfoyle (near Ashford) on April 18th 1887. They beat Rathnew 0-5 to 0-1. The club started their Gaelic career in Wicklow and played in the county for the first seven or eight years before moving to play in Dublin between 1899 or 1900. Bray Emmets went on to become Dublin Senior Football Championship winners in 1901. On the back of this success they went on to win the All Ireland and International Championship of 1902 (played in 1904). In that All-Ireland series of 1904 they registered victories over Rathnew, Louth, Wexford, Armagh before going on to defeat Tipperary in the final. They also had to beat the London Irish before being declared champions, which they comfortably won 2-8 to 0-4. Thus ending the greatest year in the whole history of the club 

The above All Ireland Club Medal belonged to Bill Sherry who played for the Bray Emmets team that won the 1902 All Ireland In the twenties many attempts were made to bring the Emmets GAA club back to Wicklow but many efforts were rejected because of the travelling problem for the Emmets in Wicklow. The people who sought the return succeeded eventually on Feb 18th 1934. On their return Emmets were placed in senior grade in Wicklow and won the Senior football championship that year beating Rathnew 1-5 to 0-6 in the final. In 1935 they got to another county final and beat Donard 2-5 to 0-1 to retain the title. On the hurling front it is recorded that Emmets brought a hurling team to Courtfoyle (near Ashford) on April 17th1887. There are many records of the junior hurlers participating in Dublin down the years. Their first hurling success in Wicklow came in 1949 when they won the Wicklow junior hurling championship. This was followed in 1952 with the first and only senior hurling title win over Avondale in the final 4-5 to 2-3.

The St Kevin's Link
The St. Kevin's club came into being after a split occurred within the Bray Emmets club around 1957. St. Kevin's produced a massive number of juvenile teams before edging into adult hurling and football. A drought began for both the Bray Emmets and St Kevin's teams from 1975-1980. The clubs only managed a solitary success between them over this period, a Schweppes Cup win by St. Kevin's in 1976. Both clubs ceased to field teams on a regular basis. On some occasions Bray were represented by St. Fergal's Club, which had been founded by former St. Kevin's men. A meeting was held on the 10th January 1980, whereby a number of members of the Bray Emmets and St. Kevin's clubs decided to do something about reviving the fortunes of the clubs. After a long discussion on the present standing of the two clubs, the meeting decided to join forces. The new club was to be called simply 'Bray'. On the 12th of October 1983, a meeting was held between officials of the Bray and the Bray Emmets clubs to work out a formation for amalgamation. A proposal was drawn up whereby Bray would continue to serve as a club until 1984, and then for 1985, the centenary year for Bray Emmets, the two clubs would merge to form one club, Bray Emmets. This meant St. Kevin's would cease to affiliate from 1983 onwards.
More Recent Times
In 1995 the association did not have a significant presence in Bray and Emmets was a failing Club on many fronts. In 1995 Bray Emmet's had 
  • 2 - Adult Football Teams, Junior A & B
  • 1 - Adult Hurling Team, Junior B
  • 4 - Juvenile Football Teams
  • 0 - Juvenile Hurling Teams
  • 0 - Camogie Teams
  • 0 - Under 10 Teams or Coaching.
In 2006 Bray Emmet's competed in every under age hurling and football A final winning 6 Championships in total.
  • 4 - Adult Football Teams, Senior, Intermediate, Junior B & Ladies Senior Football
  • 2 - Adult Hurling Team, Intermediate & Junior B
  • 15 - Juvenile Football Teams
  • 6 - Juvenile Hurling Teams
  • 4 - Camogie Teams
  • 250 - Under 10 Teams or Coaching.

In 2022, Bray Emmets is the largest club in County Wicklow and also one of the largest sporting organisation in County Wicklow.

The club also boasts players on the County Senior Hurling and Football panels, under-20 hurling and football panels and on every Juvenile County Development team.

The Club has experienced considerable success in the last few years notably in the Senior hurling ranks with county titles in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020 and 2021 . The club has been established as a premier sporting organisation here in the Bray area and throughout the county.  The success has been built on the hard work and dedication of all the members. 

Titles won over the Years

All of below as well as countless underage titles.

  • Dublin Senior Football Champions  - 1901
  • Leinster Champions - 1902
  • All Ireland Club Champions  - 1902
  • Senior Wicklow Football Titles - 1934, 1935
  • Junior Hurling Championships - 1949, 1963, 1990, 2004, 2014, 2020
  • Intermediate Football Titles - 1973, 1997
  • Senior Hurling championship - 1952, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Intermediate Hurling Championship - 2006, 2015
  • Junior Football Championships - 1990, 2000, 2005
  • Minor Football Titles - 1934, 1935,1936, 1939,1944, 1984, 1999, 2005, 2006
  • Minor Hurling Titles - 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
  • Ladies Football Senior B Championship 2017
  • Intermediate Camogie Championship 2017, 2019
  • Junior Camogie Championship 2016
The Club Colours

Down the years Bray Emmets always wore green and white jerseys or at least green and white colours. They did have an all green jersey with white knicks and they did have a green jersey with a white hoop and shamrock crest. They have also wore blue jerseys with yellow collar and cuffs. Following a motion in 2001 the club added the colour Navy to the club colours and now the official colours for the club are Green, White and Navy

The Club Grounds

In the early years Bray Emmets played most of their football in the People's Park. They also played in a number of other field around the town. The old Emmets Park, Novara Road was secured for the GAA bt Fr Kevin Brady in 1927 -1928. When Bray Emmets transferred from Dublin the land was also transferred to the Wicklow County Board. It became the clubs head quarters until it was sold in 1997 for £2.050 million pounds. The price originally paid for the ground was £241-8-3. Of this amount the Dublin Co Board Executive advanced £166-10-9 and the balance was made up by Bray Emmets £74-17-6. The land was sold in 1997 and the last match played in 1999. At that time the land consisted of 2 changing rooms, one handball alley and one full size pitch. The land was sold for £2.050 million pounds. The club was to re-located to a new development, known as the Golf Club land on the banks of the Dargle. Due to the long planning delays on the Golf Club development the club decided to purchases land at Old Conna Avenue, located off the N11. Approx 17 ½ acres for a cost of £1.5m. The first game played in Old Conna  was a minor hurling match against Eire Og in 2005. The club house was opened for the Wicklow Feile in 2006.  The current facilities (2011)  at Old Conna consist of 4 Adult Pitches including a 3g all weather pitch . 4 Changing Rooms, Club Shop, Office and a 300 sq m All Purpose  Room. The Official title for our grounds is Pairc Emmet Bre and is situated on Old Conna Avenue in Bray.

The Bray Emmets Banner

The club commissioned an impressive Poplin Banner in 1887, which was designed by artist W.J. O'Grady from Dublin. The banner was always well admired, and in 1970 it was presented to the president of the GAA by the Bray Emmets club for safe keeping at Liberty Hall, Dublin. It was refurbished by a convent in Nenagh and is now stored in Croke Park where it is one of the oldest and most prized items which is displayed in the museum area.  A full size copy of the Banner is on display in the Club House

Significant Dates
  • April 26, 1903 Bray Emmets beat Kickhams 0-11 to 0-6 in the Dublin S.F.C. final at Jones Road.
  • June 12, 1904 Bray Emmet's selection beat Wexford 1-5 to 0-5 in a replay of the Leinster S.F.C. Final at Kilkenny.
  • July 10, 1904 Bray Emmets beat Erin's Hope 0-5 to 0-2 in the Dublin J.F.C. Final at the Thatch.
  • July 24 1904 Bray Emmet's selection beat London-Irish 2-8 to 0-4 in the All Ireland S.F.C Final at Cork.
  • October 13, 1934 Bray Emmets beat Ballymanus 3-7 to 0-2 in the Wicklow S.F.C. Final at Aughrim.
  • October 26, 1935 Bray Emmets beat Donard 2-5 to 0-1 in Wicklow S.F.C. Final at Aughrim.
  • July 29, 1950 Bray wins Wicklow J.H.C. Final beating Aughrim 3-6 to 1-7 at Ashford.
  • November 8, 1952 Wins first Wicklow S.H.C. beating Avondale 4-5 to 2-3 at Arklow.
  • November 5, 2014 Wins Wicklow S.H.C. beating Glenealy 2-9 to 1-11 in Aughrim. This starts a run of 6 county titles in 8 years