St Patrick's Day Parade

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well done to all our club ambassadors who proudly represented Emmet Bhré in the St Patrick's Day Parade on Monday. Thanks to Gabiel Plower and his team for all their hard work in organising a brilliant display..

There are no uncoming events listed...

  • Boy's U13 F/ball(Green) - Mon 24 Apr

    V Clara Gaels in Old Conna(P4) (07:00 PM)

  • Boy's U 13F/ball(Blue) - Mon 24 Apr

    V AGB 2 in AGB (07:00 PM)

  • Minor Football - Mon 24 Apr

    V Blessington in Blessington (07:00 PM)

  • Senior Football Ladies - Mon 24 Apr

    V Castleknock in Old Conna(P1) (07:30 PM)