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Match Reports

U10 Camogie Blitz in Ballinacor

8 October, 2016

The end of season Wicklow camogie blitz was held in Ballinacor on Sunday.  We sent two teams and we used this opportunity to give some of new girls a run out.  But I think our opposition had other ideas and seem to send out their very best players for this.  So it was a tough start for the new girls to come up against some very good hurlers but as seems to be our way this year against good teams the girls dug in and got back into the games with great tackles, hooks and blocks and never giving up.  Of the six matches we won three and lost three.  And well done to our new players Caitlin, Ellie, Sarah and Rianna. Bainisteoiri: Anita, Marie & Lisa...

U10 Camogie

1 October, 2016

We played two great Camogie matches in Olaf's ground on Sat. First against a very good Lucan team. A close game and a goal in the first half from Ciara was the only score. But the defence played very well in the 2nd half to hold them off. It was deja vu in the other match against Na Fianna. Again only one goal and this time it was Cara that scored after we had several close shots. The defense stood strong again with Katie, Grace, Emily & Kate blocking everything and Saibh with two close wides at the other end. Two excellent games and our best team effort in some time.  Foireann: Aine, Cara, Ciara, Ella, Emily, Kate S, Katie C, Kimberly, Grace R, Niamh M, Saibh Bainisteoiri: Alan, Lisa & Marie...

U10 Camogie Blitz - Kilcoole

2 July, 2016

After dodging the showers it ended up a beautiful day in Kilcoole togther with our U8 team.  We played three matches and first up was Greystones where we played well and moved the ball nicely up to our forwards.  Three goals from Grace were amongst the scores.  Kilcoole were next and we have a very good game where we too good for them in the first half but the came back well in the second but we manged to hang on.  A super long goal from Rachel was the highlight.  Finally it was Glenealy which started well and was very close but they just converted their chances whenever the could and we struggled to get back into game. Foireann:  Ella, Emily, Grace K, Grace R, Kate B, Katie C, Niamh C, Rachel, Rosa Bainisteoiri: Alan Kennedy & Marie Curran...

U10 Camogie

21 May, 2016

Bray Emmets  v St Brigids We travelled to St Brigids in Castleknock for what started out as a lovely day.  We had only just started a match v Mearnog when the heavens opened and we had to run to the clubhouse.  Some of the teams decided to leave but despite being soaked to the skin and cold the girls got back out for a quick game against St Brigids. At least it was on an all weather pitch but it was still very slippy. The run around helped warm the team up but Brigids managed the conditions better than us this time.  Hope for better conditions on the return match in Bray. Foireann:  Cara, Ella, Emily, Grace K, Kate S, Katie C, Katie Q, Kimberly, Niamh C, Niamh M, Saibh Bainisteoiri: Alan Kennedy, Lisa Mahony, Marie Curran, Anita Slattery...

U10 Girls Camogie

9 April, 2016

Bray Emmets vs Ballinteer We played three matches in a blitz. First match against St Marks and despite many chance on goal we scored just one which was enough for the win. Second match against Ballinteer #2 which was a close match and low scoring again not helped by the small pitch. A draw was a fair result. Last match against Ballinteer #1 we actually played our best across the team but they had one super player that scored some great points for the win. But our mids did a good job stopping her scoring more. Foireann: Annie McLoughlin, Cara Mahony, Ciara Lambe, Ella Cummins, Emily Ryan, Niamh Clancy, Niamh Mahony, Kimberly Kennedy, Katie Curran, Kate Slattery, Siamh Smierciak Bainisteoiri: Alan Kennedy, Marie Curran...

U10 Camogie blitz

19 March, 2016

Bray Emmets  Vs Thomas Davis & St Brigids  We played two games at Ballybodens ground. The match against Thomas Davis was very close and went end to end. Had all the look of a draw but right at the end some great link up play with Annie and Emily put Aine through on goal for the late winner. We started well against St Brigids and took the leak with a goal from Saibh but despite some great saves from Annie they took the lead. We had some great chances in the second half but we didn't manage to get the score back we needed.  Foireann: Aine Hayde, Annie McLoughlin, Cara Mahony, Ciara Lambe, Emily Ryan, Grace Redmond,  Kimberly Kennedy, Laoise O'Driscoll, Rachel O'Brien, Saibh Smierciak Bainisteoiri: Alan Kennedy, Mary Hayde...

U10 Camogie Blitz v Cuala & Kilmacud Crokes

5 March, 2016

As Cuala's pitch was unplayable the blitz was rearranged to Bray on Saturday 5th. Six teams in total played three games each. Our team played two games against Kilmacud and one against Cuala. Kilmacud were too strong for us but we had a good win against Cuala. Our team was also a mix of U9 & U10 and the younger girls played very well. A hail storm in the middle of the blitz did not put anyone off and everyone dried off in the sunshine that followed.  Foireann: Annie McLoughlin, Ciara Lambe, Ella Cummins, Emily Ryan, Grace Redmond, Kate Butler, Kate Slattery, Kimberly Kennedy, Niamh Clancy, Saibh Smierciak Bainisteoir: Alan Kennedy...

U10 Camogie Blitz - Bray

18 July, 2015

Sat 18th - 10.30 We hosted this blitz and had teams from Avondale, Kilcoole, Greystones & Glenealy.  We played all four and had three wins and a draw against Greystones. Between this and the U8's we had around 120 girls plus parents which we catered for upstairs in the clubhouse.  Great to see so many and we had lots of compliments on our facilities and our hospitality. Thanks to all for helping on the day. Foireann: Annie Redmond, April Harty, Catherine Henry, Laura Doyle, Eimear Hardiman, Ella Cummins, Emma Nesbit, Leah Smyth, Lucy Gibson, Jasmine Kennedy, Sibeal Quigley, Tara Maher. Bainisteoiri: Ian Nesbit, Tony Doyle  ...

U10 Camogie

4 July, 2015

Avondale BlitzSaturday,  4th July - 10.30 We played three matches in the Blitz. The first was a tough one against a very stong Avondale team and it was mostly a defensive effort on our part which left the girls feeling a bit down after.  Saibh took a bad hit on the knee and couldn't play on (she's ok now though) . After a few refreshments the team were raring to go again and it's to their great credit that they could lift themselves to play two great games against Greystones and Kilcoole and to win both of them. Lucy got two goals to try to keep up with her sister on the U8's. Suffice to say the mood was slightly better at the end. Foireann: Cara Mahony, Ella Cummins, Emily Ryan, Lucy Gibson, Jasmine Kennedy, Niamh Clancy, Niamh Mahony, Saibh Smierciak, Tara MaherBainisteoir: Lisa Mahony...

U10 Camogie - Bray Emmets Vs Kilmacud at Faughs Celtic

13 June, 2015

Saturday  13th - 2.00 A 6 team blitz had to reduced to 4 team so we only played 2 matches against Kilmacud. Two very good and competitive games were played in a great spirit. The grass was long so getting the ball in hand was a must and Emma & April dominated the midfield in the first game, which we won. A much closer match in the second match and great defence from Aoibhe, Rachel & Jasmine but the whole team put in a great effort. Jasmine also scored at the other end and Alannah was everywhere it seemed to help us to another win.  Foireann: Alannah Harrington, Annie Redmond, Aoibhe Traynor, April Harty, Laura Doyle, Ella Cummins, Emma Nesbit, Emily Ryan, Jasmine Kennedy, Rachel O'Brien, Tara Maher. Bainisteoirs: Ian Nesbit, Alan Kennedy...

U10 Camogie Blitz Ballinacor

23 May, 2015

Bray Emmets Vs Avondale & Glenealy Together with our U8 team we travelled to Ballincor for this blitz. This was predominantly our U9 team and with no subs there was no rest for anyone. A draw against Glenealy in the first game was a great result. Avondale though were a stronger team and the girls had to work hard to defend our goal but we couldn't hang on. Well done to the two Lucy's in their first Camogie matches.  Foireann: Cara Mahony, Emily Ryan, Katie Quinn, Lucy Gibson, Lucy McGrath, Jasmine Kennedy, Saibh Smierciak, Tara Maher Banisteoir: Lisa Mahony...

U10 Camogie

18 April, 2015

Bray Emmets Vs  Crumlin. Whilst all the attention was on the Feile we played two matches against Crumlin on the 3G and played very well to win both. Along with great points from Emma, April and Laura we marked up loads of skill points and just as important as scoring we kept two clean sheets.  Team was: Ailbhe Whittle, Annie Redmond, April Harty, Laura Doyle, Cara Mahony, Eimear Hardiman, Emma Nesbit, Jasmine Kennedy, Martha Lackey, Tara Maher. Coach: Ian NesbitMentors: Alan Kennedy & Lisa Mahony.  ...

Match Report: U-10 Camogie

6 October, 2013

The U-10 Camogie team took to the green fields of Erin’s Isle on Sunday morning, 6th October. This blitz was very worthwhile and the girls played three good teams. First up was Naomh Mearnóg, a contest that saw Bray lead all the way. Méadhbh Wogan-Murphy and Áine Farrell stood out. In the next game, we faced St Brigid's Castleknock. Fionnuala Crowley and the energetic Róisín Benville worked hard for us, while Éabha Ó Céidigh is improving with every outing. In the third game, we encountered the strongest Naomh Mearnóg side. This was a real nailbiter which finished in a draw. Catherine McGarry, Pearl O'Connor and Saoirse Canavan were best for Bray Emmets. Bhain an lucht féachana an-sult as na cluichí ar fad.   Emmet Bhré U-10: Áine Farrell, Amy Butler, Catherine McGarry, Clodagh Costello, Éabha Ó Céidigh, Ellen O'Doherty, Fionnuala Crowley, Madge Redmond, Méadhbh Wogan-Murphy, Pearl O'Connor, Róisín Benville, Saoirse Canavan, Sarah Lambe. Bainisteoir - Tony Doyle....

U-10 Camogie double header

1 September, 2013

The U-10 Camogie team played in St. Judes on Sunday, 1st September. Their opening game was against the host club and it was very evenly contested. Mary-Anne Aherne and Fionnuala Crowley worked hard, allowing Áine Farrell and Aoife Carter attack the Judes rear-guard and the game ended in a draw. In the second game, we met Cuala and came away with the spoils. Eimear Timmons, Méadhbh Wogan-Murphy and Ellen O'Doherty all played with great competitive heart. Meanwhile, Sarah Lambe seized on a loose ball and housed it firmly in the Cuala netting. Tús iontach sásúil a bhí ann do na cailíní.   Emmet Bhré U-10: Áine Farrell, Amy Butler (1-0), Aoife Carter, Chloe Messitt, Ellen O'Doherty, Eimear Timmons, Fionnuala Crowley, Méadhbh Wogan-Murphy, Mary-Anne Aherne, Pearl O'Connor, Róisín Benville, Sarah Lambe (1-2).  Bainisteoir - Tony Doyle....

U10 Camogie blitz

9 June, 2013

The U-10 Camogie team hosted a blitz in Páirc Emmet Bhré on Sunday morning, 9th June. The first game was against Faughs. Saoirse Canavan, Ellen O'Doherty and Sarah Lambe all got valuable scores up front while Méadhbh Wogan-Murphy pulled off some fine saves. Bray were worthy winners. The second game was against Liffey Gaels, a tie in which the tenacious Pearl O'Connor and Amy Butler got exciting game winning goals. The manager was very happy also with the energetic contributions of new players Clodagh Costello and Madge Redmond. Maidin álainn camógaíochta a bhí ann gan dabht.     Emmet Bhré U10: Amy Butler (1-0), Catherine McGarry, Chloe Messitt, Clodagh Costello, Ellen O'Doherty (1-0), Eimear Timmons, Madge Redmond, Méadhbh Wogan-Murphy, Pearl O'Connor (1-0), Róisín Benville, Saoirse Canavan (1-0), Sarah Lambe (1-2). Bainisteoir - Tony Doyle....

U-10 Camogie V Naomh Mearnóg

28 April, 2013

The U-10 Camogie team played Sunday, 28th April against Naomh Mearnóg in a blitz organised by the Naomh Ólaf club in Sandyford. The two games were very close. The Portmarnock girls won the first game by two goals despite great work from Róisín Benville, Doireann Smith and Saoirse Canavan. In the second game, an ever-improving Aoife Carter defended bravely, Catherine McGarry and Pearl O’Connor chased everything while Sarah Lambe nicked the all-important winning goal. Bhí na tuismitheoirí go léir an-sásta leis an méid a chonaic siad.   Emmet Bhré U-10: Amy Butler, Aoife Carter, Catherine McGarry, Doireann Smith, Ellen O'Doherty, Eimear Timmons, Meadhbh Wogan-Murphy, Pearl O’Connor, Róisín Benville, Saoirse Canavan, Sarah Lambe (1-0). Bainisteoir - Tony Doyle....

U10 Camogie team

14 October, 2012

The U10 Camogie team played 2 games on a very wet Sunday morning, against Good Counsel GAA, and the other against Naomh Olaf. The Olafs game was a spirited draw. Neasa Ryder and Catherine McGarry played with great conviction, helped by Orla Jackson. We were narrowly beaten by a very strong Good Counsel, despite the hard work of Róisín Benville, Fionnuala Crowley and Sarah Lambe. Tá na cluichí camógaíochta críochnaithe anois don bhliain 2012. Emmet Bhré U10: Amy Butler, Caitlin Mangan, Caoimhe Byrne, Catherine McGarry, Eimear Timmons, Emma Doyle, Fionnuala Crowley, Laura McGarry, Neasa Ryder, Orla Jackson, Róisín Benville, Róisín Murphy, Saoirse Guilfoyle, Sarah Lambe, Síofra Ní Mhidigh (1-0). Bainisteoir - Tomás Ó Midheach. ...

U10 Camogie V St. Olafs

7 October, 2012

The U10 Camogie team played Olafs Sunday morning in a number of blitz games. Laura McGarry tormented the opposing defence, while Emma Doyle's strikes concluded a happy ending on the other pitch. Very good performances worthy of acknowledgement came from Caitlin Doyle, Caoimhe Byrne and Úna Smierciak. Maith sibh, A Chailíní uilig ! Emmet Bhré U10: Amy Butler, Aoife Canavan, Caitlin Doyle, Caoimhe Byrne, Catherine McGarry, Eimear Timmons, Emma Doyle (2-0), Katie Ward, Laura McGarry (4-0), Orla Jackson (1-0), Róisín Murphy, Saoirse Canavan, Sarah Lambe (0-1), Sinéad Quigley, Síofra Ní Mhidigh (2-0), Úna Smierciak. Bainisteoir - Tomás Ó Midheach. ...

U10 Camogie

22 September, 2012

The U10 Camogie team played great games on All-Ireland Sunday morning, drawing against Naomh Olaf and being beaten narrowly by Ballinteer St John's. Neasa Ryder scored a fantastic goal in the Olafs game, while Orla Jackson and Amy Healy got their valuable goals against host club, Baile an tSaoir. New-players, Katie Ward (daughter of Adult hurler, John) and Caitlin Mangan, (grand-daughter of Tom) both did very well. Táimid ag traenáil ar an Luan ag 7.30pm i bPáirc Emmet Bhré. Camógaíocht Emmet Bhré U10: Áine Farrell, Amy Butler, Amy Healy (1-0), Caitlin Mangan, Caoimhe Byrne, Catherine McGarry, Eimear Timmons, Emma Doyle, Katie Ward, Laura McGarry, Neasa Ryder (1-0), Orla Jackson (1-0), Róisín Benville, Róisín Murphy, Sarah Lambe, Sinéad Quigley, Síofra Ní Mhidigh. Bainisteoir - Tomás Ó Midheach. ...

Dublin Camogie Féile

25 May, 2012

The U14 camogie team received an invitation from the Dublin Camogie Board to take part in the Dublin Camogie Feile on the Saturday the 25th of May. Our Division was based in Naomh Mearnóg ground in Portmarnock.We put together a team at U14 to compete in the Feile this comprised of U12, U13 and U14 girls. On the day we played 3 matches against Thomas Davis, Whitehall Columcilles and O'Dwyers/Maurs.We were very unlucky not to come away with a win on the Day but the girls can take great heart from the outstanding performances they produced on the day. Team on the day was Aoife Connaughton, Meave Doherty, Amy Barry, Grace Browne, Nicola Holland, Aisling Moylan, Olivia Duffy, Kellie Gilbert, Casey O'Brien, Niamh McCormack, Rachel Rice, Clare Holland, Kellie Waters, Ruth Aherne and Eleanor Carroll. Well Done Girls! ...

U10 Camogie team travel to Crumlin

13 May, 2012

The U10 Camogie team played Sunday morning against 2 different Faughs teams in Pearse Park, Crumlin. The opening game was a closely fought encounter with good work from the girls, in particular Carla Lennon and Caoimhe Purcell. In the forwards, an alert Catherine McGarry got a very decisive goal for Brí Chualann. In the second game, Bray were the stronger team by a margin. Solid defence from Fionnuala Crowley and Róisín Murphy, while Neasa Ryder, Amy Healy and Síofra Ní Mhidigh bore down on goal. Táimid ag traenáil gach Luan ag 7:30pm, mar is gnách. Emmet Bhré U10: Amy Healy (1-0), Caoimhe Byrne, Caoimhe Purcell, Carla Lennon (2-0), Catherine McGarry (3-0), Fionnuala Crowley, Laura McGarry (2-0), Neasa Ryder (1-0), Róisín Benville, Róisín Murphy, Sarah Lambe (2-0), Sinéad Quigley and Síofra Ní Mhidigh (1-0). Bainisteoir - Tomás Ó Midheach ...

U10 Camogie in Thomas Davis blitz

22 April, 2012

The U10 Camogie team played a blitz in Thomas Davis on Sunday morning. Their first game was against St Marks, a game Brí Chualann won. Carla Lennon was very steady and Mary-Anne Ahearne worked bravely. The Naomh Olaf game was a well contested affair, inspired by Caoimhe Byrne and Laura McGarry's tenacious style. The final game was against a strong Thomas Davis outfit. Despite conceding muscle, young players like Róisín Benville and Catherine McGarry dug deep to earn a pulsating 1-1 draw. Tá ag éirí go hiontach leis an scéim ' Mum and Me' , gach Luan ag 7pm. Emmet Bhré U10: Áine Farrell, Aoife Canavan, Caitlin Doyle, Caoimhe Byrne, Carla Lennon, Catherine McGarry, Eimear Timmons, Emma Doyle, Fionnuala Crowley, Laura McGarry, Mary-Anne Ahearne, Róisín Benville, Róisín Murphy, Saoirse Canavan, Sarah Lambe, Síofra Ní Mhidigh, Úna Smierciak. Bainisteoir - Tomás Ó Midheach ...

U10 Camogie V St. Johns

13 November, 2011

The Under 10 Camogie team played a friendly against Ballinteer St John's Sunday last. Bray and Ballinteer had been the 2 strongest teams in the summer league, so it was fitting to see these two talented groups meeting in a head-to-head. And they did not disappoint. Amy Healy scored three thoroughly deserved Bray goals, with top-scoring Eve Murphy (3-0) and Leah Carroll (1-1) contributing their usual generous tally. Aoife Canavan was another stand-out player on the day, intercepting movements beyond her young years. Finally, equally worthy of plaudits were Róisín Murphy and new-comer, Caoimhe Purcell. Táimid ag traenáil chuile Luan i bPáirc Emmet Bhré ag 7.15pm. Emmet Bhré Under 10 : Amy Butler, Amy Healy (3-0), Aoife Canavan, Caoimhe Purcell, Eleanor Carroll-Hayes, Eva Carey, Eve Murphy (3-0), Laura Butler (1-0), Lauren Healy, Leah Carroll (1-1),Orla Jackson, Róisín Benville, Róisín Murphy, Saoirse Canavan, Síofra Ní Mhidigh, Úna Smirciak. Bainisteoir - Anne Carroll. ...

U10 camogie 4 club blitz

16 October, 2011

The Under 10 Camogie team played in a 4 club blitz last Sunday. On a beautiful sunny morning, the quality of the hurling was equal to the weather. The spectators first enjoyed a neck and neck encounter between Bray and Ballinteer. Leah Carroll's ability to pick and strike gave Bray great backbone. In the second game against Sandyford neighbours Naomh Olaf, Laura McGarry (4-0) and Orla Jackson were potent up front while the efforts of Róisín Murphy and Amy Healy were also worthy of note. The third game was against Commercials - an evenly fought encounter, which saw energetic displays from Laura Butler (1-0) and Saoirse Canavan (1-0). Táimid ag traenáil arís ar an Luan ag 7.15pm i bPáirc Emmet Bhré. Emmet Bhré : Ailbhe Byrne, Amy Butler, Amy Healy (1-0), Caitlin Doyle, Carla Lennon, Eimear Timmons, Emma Doyle, Laura Butler (1-0), Laura McGarry (4-0), Lauren Healy, Leah Carroll (1-0), Orla Jackson (3-0), Róisín Murphy, Sadhbh Kavanagh (2-0), Saoirse Canavan (1-0), Sarah Lambe (1-0), Síofra Ní Mhidigh. Bainisteoir : Anne Carroll. ...

U10 Wicklow Camogie Blitz

18 June, 2011

Well done to the U10 Camogie team who hosted the Wicklow blitz this weekend in Emmet Park in Bray. The girls did very well in all of their matches and participation was so good that we were able to field two U10 teams.We were very happy to welcome U 8 and/or U10 teams from Arklow Rocks, Glenealy, Avondale and Kilcoole. There was excellent play from the very experienced Shauna Ryan, Emily Deveney and Carla Lennon. Despite an injury to the arm in the first match Siofra ni Mhidigh also made a great contribution and Sarah Lambe as usual played well in all positions. However, it was also great to see new players like Ruby Aron, Una Smirciak, Saoirse Canavan and Emma Doyle coming into their own and playing such an important part for their team. Congratulations and well done girls!! ...

Busy weekend for U10 Camogie

7 May, 2011

The U10 camogie team had a busy weekend taking part in the Wicklow blitz on Saturday morning and the Dublin League on Sunday morning. Well done to the girls who won all of their matches. They played Avondale and Arklow in Avondale on Saturday morning in the first round of the Wicklow blitzes. The girls played very well in what could be described as damp conditions!! However, two good matches were played and all enjoyed themselves and the very nice hospitality afterwards. St Annes in Tallaght were hosts to this mornings round of the Dublin League. Again,the girls performed well against very good opposition in Naomh Olafs , Ballinteer and St Annes and the Bray Emmets girls won all of their matches. Well done to all the girls both new and old but special mention to Eve Murphy, Shauna Ryan,Carla Lennon and Ailbhe Byrne for their excellent effort and determination.Many thanks also to parents for their support which is so important to the girls. Wicklow blitz players were Carla Lennon,Eleanor CarrollHayes,Emily Deveney,Eve Murphy,Leah Carroll,Sadhbh Kavanagh,Sarah Lambe,Shauna Ryan and Siofra Ni Mhidigh. Dublin blitz players were Ailbhe Byrne,Amy Butler,Caitlin Doyle,Carla Lennon,Eleanor Carroll Hayes,Emma Doyle, Eve Murphy,Laura Butler, Laura McGarry, Lauren Healy,Orla Jackson, Sadhbh Kavanagh, Saoirse Canavan,Sarah Lambe,and Shauna Ryan ...

U10 Camogie 4 Team Blitz

17 April, 2011

The Under 10 Camogie team hosted a 4 team blitz in Páirc Emmet Bhré Sunday last. A large attendance of girls played Naomh Ólaf first off. Scores from Eleanor Carroll-Hayes and Laura McGarry helped clinch victory, but the defining strike came from a '65 scored by the talented Leah Carroll. In the second game, Bray competed gallantly against a stronger St Anne's crew. A useful contest despite being pipped at the post. Our game of the morning came then, against a skillful, fast-moving Ballinteer St Johns. Even though the opposition scored 2 goals, our Shauna Ryan '65, taken very expertly, gave us the overall win... final score 3-2. Worthy of mention for the energy and tenacity of their endeavors were Carla Lennon, Laura Butler and Sarah Lambe. New players Neasa Ryder and Caitlin Doyle also did very well. A special word of thanks to Paul Sweeney, Tomás Ó Midheach and Aideen Griffin for their help in organising the morning. Táimid go léir ag súil go mór leis an gcéad cluiche eile. Emmet Bhré Under 10 Camogie : Ailbhe Byrne, Amy Butler, Amy Healy, Caitlin Doyle, Carla Lennon, Eleanor Carroll-Hayes (2-0), Emma Doyle, Emily Deveney, Gracie O'Sullivan, Laura Butler, Laura McGarry (1-0), Lauren Healy, Leah Carroll (0-1), Megan Tuohy, Neasa Ryder, Róisín Murphy, Ruby Aron, Sadhb Kavanagh, Sarah Lambe, Shauna Ryan (0-1). ...

Naomh Olafs Blitz

2 April, 2011

Well done to the U10 Camogie Team who took part in another blitz today in Naomh Olafs as part of the Dublin League.Our excellent opponents today were St Olafs, Ballinteer St Johns and St. Annes from Tallaght. The girls drew one match and won two. They all played extremely well and it was great to see newcomers Caitlin Doyle , Emma Doyle and Gracie O'Sullivan contributing with such enthusiasm.Special mention to Emily Deveney, Shauna Ryan,Siofra ni Mhidigh and Sarah Lambe who played so well in defence, midfield and also as forwards,great to have the ability and to be willing to play where needed.We would also like to compliment Eleanor Carroll Hayes, Caitlin Doyle and Sadhbh Kavanagh who agreed to play for St Anne's in the final match as this enabled the rest of the girls to get more time on the pitch.Once again,thanks for the parental support, it is greatly appreciated.Our team today consisted of the following players; Ailbhe Byrne,Amy Butler,Laura Butler,Saoirse Canavan,Leah Carroll (2-0),Eleanor Carroll Hayes (2-0),Emily Deveney,Caitlin Doyle,Emma Doyle (1-0),Orla Jackson,Sadhbh Kavanagh,Sarah Lamb,Eve Murphy,Siofra ni Mhidigh,Gracie O'Sullivan,Shauna Ryan (5-0)and Una Smirciak ...

U10 Camogie V Thomas Davis

27 March, 2011

The U10 girl's team played their 3rd Dublin League fixture on Saturday afternoon against Thomas Davis. This was an extremely competitive game with two very well matched teams. The Thomas Davis girls came out on top at the finish by a single point but it could have gone either way. The Bray girls played with great heart and spirit and were a credit to their club and to themselves. It was great to see relative newcomers like Cara Meaney, Megan Tuohy and Roisin Murphy taking part with such enthusiasm. Likewise, the progress made by the more longstanding team members is excellent. Well done to all the girls for a spirited and committed performance. On Saturday the players were Laura Butler, Eleanor Carroll Hayes, Eva Cullen,Emily Deveney,Sadhbh Kavanagh, Carla Lennon,Cara Meaney,Eve Murphy, Roisin Murphy,Siofra Ni Mhidigh,Shauna Ryan and Megan Tuohy. ...

Camogie blitz in Ballinteer

19 March, 2011

Congratulations to our U10 Camogie team who played with such heart in Sunday's blitz in Ballinteer. The girls played three matches , drawing in two of them and winning one. They were up against excellent opposition in Ballinteer St Johns, Naomh Olafs and St Annes .We would like to heartily welcome our newcomers- Laura and Amy Butler and Lauren and Amy Healy. Thanks also to our regular players who are so important and to all parents for their support.A special mention for great defending from Laura Butler,Saoirse Canavan and Lauren Healy and great all round contributions from Ailbhe Byrne,Leah Carroll and Carla Lennon. Our players today were Amy Butler, Laura Butler (1), Ailbhe Byrne (2),Saoirse Canavan, Leah Carroll (1), Eleanor Carroll Hayes (4), Amy Healy,Lauren Healy,Orla Jackson(1), Sarah Lamb (4),Carla Lennon (1). ...

Under 8/10 Camogie

24 August, 2010

Bray Emmets Under 8/10 Camogie team hosted their first blitz in Emmet Park. We were delighted to welcome teams from Aughrim, Knockananna, Annacurra, Kilcoole, and Avondale. Such was the level of participation from our u8/10 squad that we were able to field 2 teams.The girls did extremely well against stiff opposition in drawing two and winning four of their matches. We would like to heartily congratulate them. We would sincerely like to thank everybody who came along to support the girls and a very special thank you to Brenda and Debbie all those who helped make the occasion special by assisting in providing hospitality to the visiting teams. A very special word of thanks to those who took part. Tricia Phelan, Doireann Downey, Lauren Mc Kenna, Eve Murphy, Shauna Ryan, Maeve O Doherty, Carla Lennon, Claire Benville, Blaithin Adams, Emily Mc Kenna, Olivia Duffy, Ailbhe Byrne, Liadan Byrne, Ali Byrne, Brona Murphy, Eve Cunnane, Siofra Ni Mhidigh, Chloe Murphy, Emily Deveney, Eleanor Carroll-Hayes, Daisy King, Orla Jackson. ...

There are no uncoming events listed...

  • Boy's U13 F/ball(Green) - Mon 24 Apr

    V Clara Gaels in Old Conna(P4) (07:00 PM)

  • Boy's U 13F/ball(Blue) - Mon 24 Apr

    V AGB 2 in AGB (07:00 PM)

  • Minor Football - Mon 24 Apr

    V Blessington in Blessington (07:00 PM)

  • Senior Football Ladies - Mon 24 Apr

    V Castleknock in Old Conna(P1) (07:30 PM)